Pokerdom and 3 Oaks Gaming became partners


3 Oaks Gaming has expanded its presence in Europe with a deal with Pokerdom. The game developer will supply its content to one of the most well-known casinos in the CIS market.

Under the terms of the agreement, 3 Oaks Pokerdom will provide customers with access to their own titles, including slots such as The King of Heroes and Eggs of Gold.

In addition, the operator has access to a collection of marketing and gamification tools designed to increase player engagement and retention. As part of the deal, the casino will also have the option to receive new releases from the provider.

Commenting on the agreement, a Pokerdom representative said, “We're constantly looking for exciting, innovative content and 3 Oaks Gaming's portfolio offers a wealth of that. It's one of the most exciting providers and we look forward to seeing what we can achieve together.”

Just last month, 3 Oaks signed agreements with iSoftBet, Parimatch and Softswiss. The provider hopes to maintain the highest possible pace of growth since its launch in early 2022.

Sebastian Damian, Managing Director of 3 Oaks Gaming stated: “Pokerdom has established itself as the leading operator in poker in Europe and we are very pleased to work with them. We're constantly looking to expand the reach of our portfolio even further.”

Damian also noted that his company is constantly developing new titles for online casinos and expanding its own library. The 3 Oaks Gaming team is looking forward to a close and fruitful cooperation with Pokerdom in the future.

Even the operator does not stand still and tries to constantly develop its portfolio. Pokerdom plans to continue expanding its content library through new partnerships.

Remember that SkillOnNet has entered the German market.

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Pokerdom and 3 Oaks Gaming became a partner

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UK Parliament postpones ban on marketing to vulnerable consumers

The introduction of new rules in the UK preventing operators from interacting with consumers at risk of gambling-related harm has been postponed until next year. This was announced by a representative of the regulator on September 2nd.

According to the UK Gambling Commission, some of the rules related to the Social Responsibility Code will still be introduced on September 12th. However, the most important changes will be adopted in February 2023 at the earliest. The decision was taken shortly after industry representatives requested an extension due to technical issues.

The new rules now give operators more time to take timely action when exposed to the vulnerability indicators described in the Commission's guidance . The requirement to prevent marketing activities, including bonus offers, to vulnerable populations is not yet a law.

The Customer Experience Guide for Online Operators, published in June 2022, will also be revised. There will be extensive consultation on the matter.

The requirements, which will come into effect in September, will include monitoring a specific set of metrics to identify harm from gambling and introducing automated processes for those who show different behavior.

The Gambling Commission said: “After careful consideration, we have determined that most of the new rules will come into effect on September 12 as planned. Online operators are already communicating effectively with customers, and the new requirements reflect the steps we believe are necessary to meet that responsibility.”

The consultations are expected to start at the end of September and last six weeks. The commission stated that all opinions expressed during the discussion will be taken into account before taking a decision on management's compliance with the new requirements.

Reminder: Stakelogic integrates its games on the Soft2Bet platform.< /p>players' Choice 2022

British Parliament postpones ban on marketing to vulnerable consumers

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BritishGambler pointed out the difference between female and male players

Women are more likely to gamble while men are more likely to bet on sports, according to a new study by subsidiary BritishGambler.

A study of online casino visitors from January 1st to July 31st analyzed the behavior of new customers, making deposits at 526 UK sites. BritishGambler also surveyed 850 people to learn more about player motivations.

Researchers found that 78% of those who preferred the so-called “lucky slots” were women. However, when it comes to betting, it's quite the opposite. According to the data obtained, 72% of the bettors are men.

From this, the organization drew several conclusions. For example, that men are more attracted to competitions because of their skills and experience.

BritishGambler's Alexander Kostin said: “It's very interesting to look at the difference between male and female betting behaviour. The study showed that the former are attracted to betting on skill-based outcomes. Also, we have found that even some gambling games are male dominated. An example is poker, where the outcome of the game is heavily dependent on chance. At the same time, 83% of online poker players are men.”

Kostin also noted that women tend to choose entertainment separately from men. At the same time, the fairer sex is now much more likely to bet on sports than in the past.

Research has shown that almost 50% of bets at Royal Ascot this summer were made by women. However, Kostin noted that 78% of the gamblers supported a particular animal “because of the name or color of the horse and also wanted to bet on the jockey.”

Interesting insights were also gained about how different genders deal with failure. According to the study, women rarely talk about their losses, while men tend not to be shy. This is attributed to the latter's desire to show that they can afford any unsuccessful investment.

Recall that the provider Booming Games released a remake of Burning Classics.

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BritishGambler pointed out the difference between female and male players

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Pragmatic and Hollywoodbets have signed an additional agreement


Pragmatic Play has expanded its ongoing partnership with Hollywoodbets by signing an agreement to supply its own catalog of games to the UK and Irish markets. From now on, the provider's premium slots will be available on the operator's websites.

Pragmatic is expanding into the UK and Ireland regions and will also provide the affiliate with a range of live dealer games and a catalog of virtual sports. The agreement was made possible by the successful cooperation of both companies in the South African market.

Yossi Barzeli, Director of Business Development at Pragmatic Play, commented: “We have been working with Hollywoodbets for some time, so we are aware of their professionalism and high standards. It's fantastic news to be able to work with them in more markets, especially the largest one in Europe. This will increase brand awareness and attract potential customers.”

Players will have access to the provider's full catalog of slots, which includes more than 150 titles including Gorilla Mayhem, Big Bass Splash and Gates of Olympus. In addition, the live casino library will also feature Boom City, Sweet Bonanza CandyLand and Mega Wheel. Pragmatic Play also offers partners a wide selection of classic slots.

Dermot O'Connell, Betting Manager at Hollywoodbets, commented: “Hollywoodbets strives to provide our customers with top quality entertainment and immersive experiences. In Pragmatic Play we have found the perfect partner to expand our existing games portfolio.”

Pragmatic Play's deal with Hollywoodbets follows the studio's recent expansion into Latin America. In this region, the provider cooperates with the online casino operator MiCasino.

As with Hollywoodbets, this partnership has resulted in MiCasino players having access to the Pragmatic Triple Vertical Set. Gaming content provider looks to continue making strides in key areas.

Reminder: US gaming revenue sets new record.

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Pragmatic and Hollywoodbets have one additional agreement made

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BGaming has adapted its products to the requirements of Germany

BGaming, a progressive developer of software and slot machines for the gaming industry, has officially completed the process of adapting its products to the requirements of the German Gaming Authority. As a result, the company can start the process of making content available to operators in Germany.

“BGaming is pleased to announce that the studio has implemented all technical improvements required by the German market regulator and is ready to make its gaming content available to local operators,” reads the official press release.

It it is added that BGaming's online slots offer is now fully compliant with the rules for online gambling in Germany. In addition, the company has already started supplying its high-quality games to partners using German traffic and providing entertainment to users from Germany.

The requirements that BGaming has included in its portfolio for the German market are as follows:

  • The duration of a spin is five seconds.
  • No autoplay function.
  • Bet limit of 1 euro per spin.
  • Game description in German with mandatory RTP.

These improvements should enable BGaming to further distribute content in the German region and strengthen the studio's position in regulated markets.

“With BGaming's agile technical team, we were able to quickly identify the needs of local operators and help them overcome challenges related to the rules. We are committed to strengthening relationships with German partners and will continue to provide them with the best content that complies with local laws,” said Alexander Shavel, Head of Business Development at BGaming.

Note: After the new State Treaty on Gambling 2021 was amended to allow operators to provide online slots at the federal level, there were still some significant restrictions on the content casinos could make available to their users. The rules relate to the rotation period, bet limit, automatic play and other features of online slots.

Remember that earlier BGaming announced the start of cooperation with Platincasino.

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BGaming adjusted his Products on German Requirements

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In the Netherlands, the regulator warns players against blocking illegal casinos

The Dutch Gambling Authority (Kansspelautoriteit, KSA) has warned consumers that unlicensed websites operating in the local market will soon be blocked. The agency has warned consumers that access to illegal websites in the country will soon be completely blocked.

KSA continues to step up anti-shadow operator measures to protect licensed local gambling representatives, as well as take consumer protection measures. Already on October 1, the body passed a gambling regulation and announced that illegal websites could no longer rely on Dutch customers. Actions the agency will take include blocking domain names and financial transactions, and significantly increasing fines for violating the relevant law.

The KSA also reports the discovery of 25 illegal websites that have been ordered to cease all activity on the Dutch market. In addition, any website that has applied but not yet received a license is at risk of being deactivated.

Can the Dutch Gambling Authority solve the problem of illegal online casinos?

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In in the Netherlands regulator warns players against blocking illegal casinos


After the official launch of the Dutch online gambling market, the regulator only issued 11 gambling licenses to foreign and local operators. A further 18 did not receive the approval they had hoped for.

The agency found that several leading brands were not following the “rules of silence” required of potential licensees. The regulator suggests that operators should not self-promote or otherwise interact with Dutch consumers while awaiting operating approval.

Unlicensed ones include Kindred Group, Betsson, Entain and LeoVegas. Each of these operators will make one more attempt to enter the legal space by April 2022.

Changes in Dutch law have resulted in the country's Gaming Authority moving to a new office in The Hague . The regulator has doubled the number of staff by expanding its gambling control units in the Netherlands.

Remember that the Duma introduced a new mechanism to combat illegal gambling.

New rules for online casino providers come into effect in the Eurozone

The European Parliament has passed new regulations that change the rules on illegal content and make operators liable for its use. In the final vote, 530 MEPs supported the introduction of amendments, 80 abstained and 78 did not support the initiative. Parliamentarians plan to finally introduce the Digital Services Act (DSA), a tool to create a safer and more reliable online environment.

The new rules have already been endorsed by a representative from European Lotteries (EL). Arjan van ‘t Veer, Secretary General of EL, commented on the outcome of the vote: “The European Lottery Team firmly believes in the need for a high level of consumer protection and is fully committed to fighting illegal Online gambling a .”

He also added: “The DSA contains a number of new provisions that may be useful in achieving this goal. EL hopes that we will soon have an improved control mechanism and enhanced consumer protection tools.”

The DSA is an upcoming EU regulation that aims to create a safer digital space. According to the provisions of the document, the rights of users are protected by rules aimed at combating illegal products, services or content on the Internet. It will also increase accountability and transparency of online product algorithms and introduce content moderation.

Following the European Commission's proposal to introduce DSA in December 2020, EU member states took a generally positive decision in November last year met. At the same time, it was the company European Lotteries that, before the start of the meeting, called on the EU Council to exclude direct mention of online gambling and sports betting from the DSA.

After the vote, MEP Christel Shaldemose, who is leading the negotiating team, said: “Today's vote shows that MEPs and EU citizens are ready to step up digital regulation. A lot has changed in the 20 years since we passed the E-Commerce Directive.”

She also said, “Online platforms are becoming more and more important to our daily lives and offer new opportunities but also new risks. We have a duty to ensure that what is illegal for land-based businesses is also illegal on the internet. We must ensure that digital rules are put in place for the benefit of consumers.”

The changes reportedly include “more transparent and informed choices” for recipients of digital services, a ban on the use of methods to target advertising to minors and vulnerable populations.

Remind that Armenia intends to intensify online gambling advertising again.

Macau bans international flights due to COVID-19

The Macau government has decided to ban international flights with other states. The decision will come into effect on January 9th. It was adopted to curb a further increase in the incidence of COVID-19.

The press office of the city's health department said on January 6 that the agency will “ban civil aircraft from carrying passengers from outlying locations China to Macau.”


Serious restrictions on tourist traffic were maintained in the Celestial SAR, as in neighboring Hong Kong. Due to the new air travel regulation, non-resident visitors will not be able to enter the city. At the same time, all residents entering Macau from abroad are subject to mandatory quarantine, regardless of whether or not they have tested positive for the coronavirus.

With the exception of Mainland China and Hong Kong, the self-employment period applies – Isolation can last from 21 to 35 days depending on which country the resident is from.

Note that Hong Kong announced similar measures on Jan. 5. There, authorities imposed a two-week ban on inbound flights from Australia, Canada, France, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and the United States. The restrictions will apply from January 8th to 21st.

The imposition of a ban on international air travel is expected to seriously damage the Macau gambling market. So far, 79 cases have been reported in the world's largest gambling zone, although asymptomatic episodes are reported separately.

On December 26, the first infected person with the Omicron variant was identified in the city, forcing authorities to refrain from doing so To become more vigilant as the situation with incidence evolves in the region.

The former Portuguese colony is now home to at least 650,000 people spread over an area of ​​30 square kilometers. These numbers make Macau one of the most densely populated regions in the world.

As a reminder, analysts at Morgan Stanley predict that Macau casino operators' profits will increase by 15% in 2022.

Dutch GGR is expected to reach 1 billion euros by 2025


The Dutch online gambling market has once again proven that it is capable of becoming the largest on the European continent. Experts expect that after the “On Remote Gambling” (KOA) law comes into force, profitability will increase many times over. According to preliminary data, online gambling in the Netherlands could exceed 1 billion euros by 2025.

According to the Netherlands Betting Focus report, the total gross income from online gambling in the Netherlands in 2019 was 424 million euros. However, the land-based sector was able to earn a lot more – 2.27 billion euros.

But online gambling financial data is expected to grow annually. Analysts predict that the industry can generate 513 million euros in 2021 and will reach 1.27 billion euros by 2025.

However, the results of the study made it clear that there is now a “significant difference” between the casino and sports betting industries in the Netherlands. According to experts, this difference “has been further highlighted in the land-based sector, where casinos dominate in terms of GGR generated”.

The report says: “The online market share is falling. Forecasts indicate that the gap between the two industries will continue to narrow after the online market is streamlined. “

” At the same time, statistics show that the sports betting sector has a large share of the Internet instead of land-based channels, this economic sector is still dominated by the casino industry. It is expected that this trend will continue even after the ratification of the new gaming legislation of the KOA, ”the document continues.

The original plan was to adopt the KOA on July 1, 2020. However, due to the pandemic, that date has been postponed to October 1st, when companies with a Dutch online gambling license are allowed to work.

Remember that the casinos in Nevada are spending over $ 1 billion for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Siberian Coin gaming zone in the Altai Territory – casino, official website, player reviews


The Siberian Coin gambling zone was created by order of the Russian government on February 9, 2008. It is located in the Altai Territory, 280 km from Barnaul, in an area of ​​more than 2,300 hectares near the village of Aya. The location was not chosen by chance, as in the east the gaming zone borders the tourist complex “Turquoise Katun” and this neighborhood reduces infrastructure development costs and promises an influx of tourists to the casino.

Initially, there were three companies among the residents: Alti, Royal Time Group and Energy M.

The latter gave up the investment idea in 2015, and the subsidiary Royal Time Group (RTG-Siberia) did not carry out any for a long time Work, but did not leave the population either. In 2019, by order of the arbitral tribunal, the contract with the company was terminated and its owners were sentenced to pay 55 million rubles to the regional budget as a fine.

Siberian Coin Gambling Zone in Altai Territory - Casino, Official Website, Player Reviews

Tourist Complex “Turquoise Katun”

LLC “Alti”. Its owner, Vladimir Kutyev, runs the city-building company in the city of Gorno-Altaysk, which is closest to the IRZ. According to various sources, about 2 billion rubles were invested in the development of the site. Now there is an entertainment complex in the Altai with a casino, a hotel and a restaurant.

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Overview < p>The Altai Palace Casino opened in 2014, later a four-star hotel with 46 rooms started work. There are 150 slot machines and 32 gaming tables in the arcades, and there has been a poker club here since 2016. In addition to classic gambling, the institution offers a billiards room with 4 tables for Russian billiards, one for American billiards and one table for snooker. On the territory of the entertainment complex there is a restaurant and a SPA salon.

Altai Palace Casino

The main problem of the Sibirskaya Moneta Casino was its isolation from civilization and, as a result, the lack of infrastructure.

A good road was only built in 2019. It got to the point that the operator organized a helicopter transfer to bring the players to the Altai Palace in comfort.

Now the administration tries to win customers, among other things with the help of excursions, offers horse and helicopter rides, jeep tours with an emphasis on family vacations. Nearby are the Tavdinsky Caves, Teletskoye Lake and the most famous Altai mountain, Belukha. The picturesque places of the natural zone “Turquoise Katun” really attract a lot of people every year, but these tourists are often not interested in visiting the casino. Therefore, in recent years, the operator has started to actively develop the so-called event tourism: music and sports festivals and other mass events are held on the territory of the entertainment complex.

The entertainment complex was expected to be visited by gamblers from neighboring large cities and tourists from all over Russia, and a stake was made for visiting casinos by foreign citizens. The official website of the Siberian Coin gambling zone states that by 2019 the following is planned:

  • a casino with thousands of slot machines and hundreds of gaming tables;
  • Hotels with 3 rooms, 000 seats;
  • ski area;
  • Restaurants with cuisines from different nations;
  • Year-round water park, dance stages, boutique chain, theater.

However, at the end of 2019, the plans were not implemented and the statements of the owner of the only casino about the future of Sibirskaya Coin are not optimistic. Now Vladimir Kutiev has adopted a wait-and-see attitude and is relying on the further development of the special zone by attracting new investors.

The businessman sees things soberly and speaks of poor air traffic, an unstable economic situation and low incomes for the population. All of this, in his opinion, is a deterrent to potential residents.

According to some reports, the special area was still able to attract an investor willing to spend billions of rubles in a. big project to invest. It is noteworthy that the shareholder of the new company is the co-founder of the existing investor Alti. LLC “Zolotaya Swallow 8” has reached an agreement and plans to start construction of a gaming and entertainment center in 2020 and complete the works by 2024. There will be at least one other venue, hotel and other objects to attract tourists.