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The Siberian Coin gambling zone was created by order of the Russian government on February 9, 2008. It is located in the Altai Territory, 280 km from Barnaul, in an area of ​​more than 2,300 hectares near the village of Aya. The location was not chosen by chance, as in the east the gaming zone borders the tourist complex “Turquoise Katun” and this neighborhood reduces infrastructure development costs and promises an influx of tourists to the casino.

Initially, there were three companies among the residents: Alti, Royal Time Group and Energy M.

The latter gave up the investment idea in 2015, and the subsidiary Royal Time Group (RTG-Siberia) did not carry out any for a long time Work, but did not leave the population either. In 2019, by order of the arbitral tribunal, the contract with the company was terminated and its owners were sentenced to pay 55 million rubles to the regional budget as a fine.

Siberian Coin Gambling Zone in Altai Territory - Casino, Official Website, Player Reviews

Tourist Complex “Turquoise Katun”

LLC “Alti”. Its owner, Vladimir Kutyev, runs the city-building company in the city of Gorno-Altaysk, which is closest to the IRZ. According to various sources, about 2 billion rubles were invested in the development of the site. Now there is an entertainment complex in the Altai with a casino, a hotel and a restaurant.

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Overview < p>The Altai Palace Casino opened in 2014, later a four-star hotel with 46 rooms started work. There are 150 slot machines and 32 gaming tables in the arcades, and there has been a poker club here since 2016. In addition to classic gambling, the institution offers a billiards room with 4 tables for Russian billiards, one for American billiards and one table for snooker. On the territory of the entertainment complex there is a restaurant and a SPA salon.

Altai Palace Casino

The main problem of the Sibirskaya Moneta Casino was its isolation from civilization and, as a result, the lack of infrastructure.

A good road was only built in 2019. It got to the point that the operator organized a helicopter transfer to bring the players to the Altai Palace in comfort.

Now the administration tries to win customers, among other things with the help of excursions, offers horse and helicopter rides, jeep tours with an emphasis on family vacations. Nearby are the Tavdinsky Caves, Teletskoye Lake and the most famous Altai mountain, Belukha. The picturesque places of the natural zone “Turquoise Katun” really attract a lot of people every year, but these tourists are often not interested in visiting the casino. Therefore, in recent years, the operator has started to actively develop the so-called event tourism: music and sports festivals and other mass events are held on the territory of the entertainment complex.

The entertainment complex was expected to be visited by gamblers from neighboring large cities and tourists from all over Russia, and a stake was made for visiting casinos by foreign citizens. The official website of the Siberian Coin gambling zone states that by 2019 the following is planned:

  • a casino with thousands of slot machines and hundreds of gaming tables;
  • Hotels with 3 rooms, 000 seats;
  • ski area;
  • Restaurants with cuisines from different nations;
  • Year-round water park, dance stages, boutique chain, theater.

However, at the end of 2019, the plans were not implemented and the statements of the owner of the only casino about the future of Sibirskaya Coin are not optimistic. Now Vladimir Kutiev has adopted a wait-and-see attitude and is relying on the further development of the special zone by attracting new investors.

The businessman sees things soberly and speaks of poor air traffic, an unstable economic situation and low incomes for the population. All of this, in his opinion, is a deterrent to potential residents.

According to some reports, the special area was still able to attract an investor willing to spend billions of rubles in a. big project to invest. It is noteworthy that the shareholder of the new company is the co-founder of the existing investor Alti. LLC “Zolotaya Swallow 8” has reached an agreement and plans to start construction of a gaming and entertainment center in 2020 and complete the works by 2024. There will be at least one other venue, hotel and other objects to attract tourists.

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